Senior Year Bucket List

It is so surreal that this is my last on-campus semester here at Utica College, as my final semester will be in the fall but I will be out on my internship. It is crazy to think that I am almost done completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology-Child Life. I am so excited for my future and am interested to see where I wind up.

Other than kicking butt this semester academically, I plan to make sure that I reach all of my goals within my extracurricular activities on campus. I am a part of a number of different organizations on campus and try my best to attend different events that are held by other organizations I am not in. Something that I have decided to do was make a little bucket list for senior year!

Here is what is on my list as of now:

  • Get an internship!
  • Actually run the American Red Cross Heart Run & Walk
  • Expand my professional wardrobe
  • Attend Relay for Life
  • Get back on track financially
  • Volunteer and explore during spring break
  • Have successful events within my organizations:
    • Psychology-Child Life Society – bake sales and our annual St. Baldrick’s Day
    • Gay/Straight Alliance – Ally Week, Day of Silence, and our annual Drag Show
    • Student Senate – a smooth sailing election year as I was just recently appointed Elections Commissioner
  • Create a series of awesome events for the graduating seniors
  • Not throwing up and/or passing out on stage while giving my Senior Class President speech at the Commencement Ceremony

I am excited for what this semester is going to bring and I hope that I can complete everything that is on my bucket list before graduation day!

Maybe you can make a bucket list for your spring semester too and work towards some of you goals!