Senior Feels

Hey Folks,


This semester has flown by and I still have so much to do! I have been very busy with school work and with all of the activities going on, on campus (you can check it out on my last blog post). I will be graduating this semester with my Bachelor’s degree in Health Studies and I will be continuing in the Occupational Therapy graduate program for another year at Utica College. Although I have another year on campus, it is still pretty emotional being a senior! I will be on campus for the Fall 2016 semester and for a couple weeks in the Spring 2017 semester (for most of the spring semester I will be at home on fieldwork!). Technically, this is my last real spring semester on campus!

I have many friends on campus in different majors and in different years on campus (Junior year, senior year, ect.) but some of my best friends from my first year, will be graduating and going home to their first real jobs. I met my roommate for freshman year at an Open House and we have been together ever since! We were on a tour of the school and we started talking and found a common love of horses. In the meantime, our families were talking on their “parent” tour and hit it off. When the students and families came back together it was completely ironic that our families hit it off and so did we. We exchanged numbers and talked over the summer, planning out what we were bringing and when we were moving in. We became best friends and we stuck together the full four years of college! We are constantly asked if we are sisters and we have just started telling people “yes”. We went through the awkward first week of college getting to know everyone and making friends, figuring out how to get to classes, eating ice cream for every meal, trying out clubs and going to different activities on campus and getting to know the Utica area together. It will be odd in the fall when she is not here, but I know I have other friends to hang out with on campus. Although she will be graduating and going on her internship, I know we will remain best friends and that we will return as Alumni someday! This is just one of the great friendships I have made at Utica College and I am so grateful for it! Good luck Seniors and thank you for all of the memories!

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