Recap of the past couple weeks!

Hey Everyone,

So tonight I am going to recap on all of the awesome things I have been up to at Utica College! I have been so busy doing school work and fun activities that I haven’t kept you guys up to date!

Two Thursday’s ago there was a Netflix and Chill trivia night in the Pio Pub! It was hosted by UCPB and I had a team made of my three cluster-mates and I! It was a blast and we actually came in 9th place! There were also a lot of cool prizes and free popcorn.IMG_3336

IMG_3334Below is a picture of my team: The SquidwardsIMG_3339

The Friday after wIMG_3341as Mole Day! The Utica College Chemistry Club hosted a Tie Dye a tee shirt event on the back lawn of Streble! They gave out free Utica College tee shirts (seen to the right) and gave us the choice to tie dye it blue or orange! I was #TeamOrange and afterwards I had some of their liquid nitrogen ice cream… it was free and delicious! They also taught everyone about the science behind the ice cream and tee shirts and it was very interesting! It really is an amazing process!IMG_3348 Me with my beautiful creation! IMG_3350

This was the liquid nitrogen ice cream table!

The Friday after was a busy day for me as well! I got out of class around 11 and my friend from high school came up to visit me. She and I went to explore the area and came upon a beautiful lake! IMG_3378

After that, we went to the first Utica College Hockey game of the season! It was a great game against Castleton University and we won 5-2! IMG_3395IMG_3399

I also had a great time that weekend going to the haunted houses around Utica and I went out on Halloween! As you can see, I have been very busy! There is always so much going on at Utica College that it would be impossible to get bored!