Reasons To Join A Club/Organization

reasonsPrior to attending Utica College, I had no idea that the school offered so many opportunities outside of school itself. One of those opportunities, joining a club or organization, has tremendous value for students.

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Some students will inevitably coast through school, just to get a degree. Others, especially those who want to excel and get a head start, will join an organization. Here’s a few reasons to join a club:

You’ll become more accustomed to the environment

Utica College has organizations for virtually every interest or group in the school. Do you love accounting? Check. Choir? Check. Dance? Check. Basically, there’s a club for any of your interests.

If you’re someone who enjoys being around people with similar interests, than joining a club would definitely be a good idea. Not only will you be able to share time with people with similar interests, but you could potentially grow together and learn. After all, isn’t that why everybody attends college?

It looks great on your resume

Being in a club or organization will give you some added responsibility. Succeeding in college is tough and you probably already have a lot of responsibilities in terms of doing well in class. While it could be difficult to manage time, joining a club or organization will pay off in the long-run.

Future employers will notice your willingness to add responsibility by seeing your club or organization on your resume. Here’s more information regarding that topic via US News:

Freshman year is not too soon to begin thinking about positioning yourself for future employment…

This will vary a lot by the student, of course, but more free time does not always equal better grades. Being involved will require some organization and time management on the part of the student—and that’s a good thing.

Why not join something that represents something bigger than yourself? Check out the list of clubs and organizations in Utica College.