Reasons to go to Admissions Events as an Incoming Freshman

Hey everyone! As you guys know, I work for Utica College Admissions as an Ambassador-Tele counselor! I work to call students who are interested in Utica College and help them out with the admissions process and answer any questions they may have. At admissions events such as Open Houses and Accepted Students Day’s, myself and the rest of the admissions staff show students and their families around Utica College, answer their questions, inform them of the college and make them feel welcome! This Saturday (March, 28) is the first Accepted Student Day of the semester and I am so excited to meet everyone! I love talking to students interested in Utica College because I remember how nervous I was when I was looking into colleges and I remember all of the questions I wanted to ask that I wanted true answers for! (Check out my previous post for questions and TRUE answers I give to students!) Now that you know why I like to work the admissions events, these are the reasons why you should attend admissions events (such as Accepted Students Day) as a student interested in Utica College…


Utica College Accepted Student Days offer accepted students and their family members the opportunity to gain a stronger perspective of a day in the life of a UC student through a series of sessions that will discuss the student/family experience, academic programs, and student life at UC.  Students and their family members will also have an opportunity to have lunch in our Dining Commons and go on a campus tour.

1. At the Accepted Student Day, you and your family are invited (for free) to check out Utica College in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Looking at colleges is a big step in a person’s life and can be quite frankly, terrifying. At Utica College, the admissions team works to make you and your family feel welcome and comfortable as possible while getting important information. I know that when I was looking at colleges, the other colleges I was accepted into (9 not including Utica!) did not make me feel nearly as comfortable as Utica did. This comfortability is the reason I picked Utica College over the nine other colleges and universities I looked into.

2. You will never be lost or have to wonder where to go! On a few of the admissions events I went to for other colleges, my family and I were confused and even got lost. The admissions staff at Utica make sure you know where to go and help you completely throughout the day. This made it a lot easier for me my freshman year at Utica College because I had a great sense of where everything was located.

3. You get to meet and talk to students that attend Utica College of varying majors, who are in different clubs and activities and that participate in sports! This allows for the incoming/accepted students to get many perspectives from the students attending Utica College and allows for many questions to get answered!

4. You get to meet faculty members and professors for your major! This is a great way to get more information on the programs you are interested in and a way for you to meet the people who will soon  become like family to you!

5. You overall get to learn anything and everything about the college. You get to speak with professors, faculty members, students, you can go on a tour of the college and the residence halls and even eat lunch at our dining commons! It really is the best way to learn everything about the college before actually attending to make sure it is the perfect college for you and fits all of your needs.