Put a Twist on Sodexo: How to Make Your Own Meal Out of Bits and Pieces of Theirs

Have you ever gone to eat at the dining commons on campus and felt like there was nothing “good” to eat? I mean, we’ve all been there; crunching down on some Cinnamon Toast Crunch during the 5:00 dinner rush.

I’m here to tell you there is so much more you can do within the restrictions of the made-to-order deli station, grill, the two hot food stations, and the good ‘ol salad bar. Combine, take out, add, “beef up,” mix it, and my favorite: make it into a sandwich.

The other day at dinner I found myself indifferent to what was being served. The nacho bar is always a crowd favorite and definitely one of my go-to’s, but I wanted something more. I got the chips from the nacho bar and all of the toppings I wanted; olives, salsa, jalapeños, beans, sour cream … more sour cream. And then I went to the salad bar and filled the bottom of a plate with lettuce, cheese, and some grape tomatoes. When I got back to my table I grabbed my fork and took some deep-seated childhood anger out on the plate of nachos.

Once the chips, olives, salsa, jalapeños, beans, and lavish amount of sour cream was all crushed and mixed together, I added it to the other plate of ordinary salad. POOF! A delicious taco salad was in front of me!taco2

It doesn’t stop at the nachos. Veggie and turkey burgers are always an option at the grill – just ask! Once they’ve cooked either of the two “secret burgers,” put it between two buns or skip the bread, layer some crispy cucumbers, and drizzle with some light ranch dressing and balsamic glaze! Since you’ve been so creative I’d say you deserve to put a scoop of your favorite ice cream in between two of Sodexo’s dangerously good chocolate chip cookies! Enjoy the dining commons your way!