Preparing For Spring Break


Like all of you, I’m counting down the days until spring break. This semester, especially over the past several weeks, has been very hectic and a break is certainly deserved.

Unless you’re leaving the area, you probably won’t get much “spring” during spring break. For those who are leaving for spring break, and even for those who aren’t, breaks often give people a reason to slack off. While it’s definitely important to rest and enjoy your break, it’s equally as important to not begin to slack off during such an important time in the semester.

Believe it or not, midterm exams are right around the corner. Of course, midterms are the last thing on your mind during spring break. But if you want to get the most out of your time, it might be beneficial to get a head start during break.

Here’s a good tip from Campus Explorer:

So instead of slacking off during spring break, start reviewing for your finals. Get a head start on papers or projects that you have coming up. Getting your grades under control and developing good study habits is essential…

The spring semester will rapidly come to an end after break and you don’t want to get start slacking before the end. Before you know it, the semester will be over and you’ll be headed for a much longer break.

Taking the time to study during break might not seem ideal, but it could become extremely beneficial. It’s tough to study throughout the semester, especially with work due and classes coming up, but with no worries, it’s easy to sit down and get ahead.

We have just one more week to go before spring break. Enjoy your break, but don’t slack off too much!


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