Preparing for a Lab Final…

In my last post, I gave you guys tips on how to keep focused on studying and homework during the Thanksgiving break. In this post, I would like to tell you guys about how I have been studying for my lab final and how it has been paying off.

Before the break, I was looking over my syllabus for Gross Anatomy when I discovered that my final would be the Thursday after break. I have to get at least a C in the class in order to keep my seat in the prestigious Occupational Therapy program, therefore it is critical I get the C. After thinking about the final being the Thursday after break, I started to get very nervous and stressed about the exam because of the grade I must receive overall in the class. I ended up having a slight mental breakdown over the test.

These were some of my thoughts:

How will I be able to study? It is a cumulative final! I can’t go to open labs for five days! I cannot study without the body! I only have three days after break to study!

As you can see, I was pretty worried…But then I remembered my advice about studying. I first made a plan about a week before break. I planned out all the open labs I can make it to the week before break and the week after. I also planned out days where there would not be open labs, but I would go in by myself and with my lab partners to study. After all the planning, I discovered I had a lot of time to study, and within the first couple days of open labs, I was already feeling confident about the final. I also planned out ways I could study for the final over break without the cadavers. I planned out that I would re-learn/practice the bones and ligaments over break so that way when I come back to school, I can just focus on the studying I was unable to accomplish over break. I have also been drawing out the muscles of the body and writing and re-writing the names of the muscles to keep my mind fresh of the material. IMG_1302(Studying the bones!)

It is extremely important not to wait till the last minute for finals, and I cannot stress it enough to people who go home for breaks. It may not be fun, but now some of my friends in Gross Anatomy have been texting me throughout the break extremely nervous because they did not go to any open labs before the break. They are worried because now they only have three days before the final to go and to study. I am so happy I started studying early. It really pays off because there is less stress and I feel confident.