MizzouHead-830x465Some of you may be aware of the issues that are going on within the University of Missouri campus. Students are protesting due to racial threats and other racial incidents that had been going on over the last couple of months. It’s been brought up through social media and the news with new bits and pieces of information being revealed every other week. It isn’t only at the University, it’s also being spread to colleges like Yale, Howard and Ithaca College. Students are standing out in solidarity to this movement and are being activists towards it. Utica College, like many other schools, became part of that movement. A bunch of students pledged to wear black all day yesterday in order to bring awareness to the issue going on. History repeats itself and we know it, but as a community we must bring issues like this to attention in order to make sure that it doesn’t. As the day went on yesterday, people that supported the pledge to wear black met up in Strebel Lounge to discuss what is going on and also to take a picture and say a quick prayer. Some may feel as if there is nothing that can be done to stop what is going on but that is not the truth. Change can be made if you want it and if you believe that it could. So, as a community we all need to come together and try to be that change.


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