People of the World

Every year Utica College receives dozens of new international students from all over the world. Meeting these students and hanging out with them is probably one of the best things an American student could do to get a full collegiate experience. It helps to make one realize how small the world really is, and how people who seem so different can be so much like us. Just this past summer I spent a month in Eastern Europe, hanging out with friends from Serbia, Montenegro and Finland, all of whom I met last school year.

The international students even more interested in experiencing new things. They come here with open minds; wanting to experience everything the US has to offer, as well as meeting other international students who are along for the same ride. One of these interested students is my friend Jasmine Kukko from Finland. She has created her own website where she features Utica College students, both international and local, whom she has interviewed. She also includes some of her own stories about life at Utica College.

The other day, Jasmine asked if she could interview me for her website. I’m guessing that since I’m from Hawaii some people consider me an international student, even though Hawaii is a state. But I traveled just as far as many international students, and the culture in Hawaii so very different from New York. It makes sense that people would think that. I told Jasmine a little about me moving from Hawaii to Utica, and one of the stories from my travels.

To watch the interview, click this link!

Matty from Hawaii


I also invite you to check out Jasmine’s website where you can read about many of the other international students who are here this semester, and also to see my video!