Paintball Explosion

So, I walked into the dining commons after spending a few hours in the library working on physics homework, and I bumped into Karita Rawlins, president of the Resident Hall Association. She tells me that a group of students is about to leave campus to go play paintball for a few hours. I had planned to spend the rest of my day in my room responding to emails and catching up on a few assignments, but just the idea of getting off campus for a few hours sounded wonderful.

After a few minutes of Karita convincing me to go, I ran back to my room to change and got on the van to go play paintball. It was awesome! There was a huge group of UC students there, and it was such a rush to be running through the woods dodging paintballs. That rush of adrenaline was just what I needed after a long week of 300 level classes.

A big shout out to Sigma Iota Alpha and the Resident Hall Association for putting on such a successful event! You guys need to do it every semester.