Packing like a Ninja!

There are only a few things that I am worried for about this trip 1. Will I be able to run while we are traveling? 2. Am I going to want to leave to come home? And my biggest concern lucky #3. How the heck am I going to pack everything?! Thinking through this we will be gone for 26 days! That’s a lot of stuff…and shoes to fit into a checked bag, a carry on and a book bag! I’ve already started a packing list and needless to say it’s going to be interesting getting there and even more so on the way home! Apart from the many educational opportunities this trip will provide it will also provide the opportunity to learn how to pack like a ninja!

When you think about it there are a lot of items that will accompany me! I will have a variety of clothing for day’s spent outdoors, nice clothing for official events, evening time wear, running clothes, clothes for warm weather, and clothes for cooler/rainy weather. Just imagine all the shoes that go along with those! On top of that there will be toiletries/first aid, laptop, camera, kindle, IPod, chargers, plug adaptors, flashlight, sunscreen, insect repellant, textbooks, notebooks…just a few examples! Packing all of these items is going to be a lot of fun?

One of my college roommates told me that you can fit a lot more clothing if you roll your clothes instead of folding them! With this technique you can lay out multiple items on top of each other and make them into one sushi clothing roll. The theory on why this works is because when you roll the clothes it’s creating less air between the clothing as it would when you fold them individually. Therefore you are wasting less space in your luggage! Another good idea is to make a priority list of items based upon your destination and what you will need there. One thing that is working in my favor is that we will have laundry services available, so we will be able to wash and reuse clothing. I found an article on USA Today that has 10 packing travel tips which are very helpful! I recommend anyone who is traveling take a look at it! Look out for some tweets and pictures in the near future about how my ninja packing is going!! Wish me luck! 18 days, 10 hours and 13 minutes until we depart from Strebel Circle!



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  1. Good luck on that packing issue as you know your dad would tell you to just bring a plastic bag lol

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