Pacing Yourself Near The Finish Line

finishlineWith three days left before the end of classes, it’s virtually impossible not to look forward to summer break.

At this point, though, you can’t allow yourself to look too far ahead. After all, this might be the most important part of the semester. Final exams are right around the corner and performing well in crunch time is vital, especially if you’re looking to secure the grades you wanted before the start of the semester.

Managing time and prioritizing was important throughout the entire semester, but this is when it’s really put to the test. The school year isn’t a 100 meter sprint, it’s a long marathon.

Recharging is a key part of succeeding in college –whether that means getting away from school work, playing a sport, or just relaxing –but the amount of time you get to recharge will get significantly shorter next week. Final exams will require you to buckle down and study, and given the amount of courses you’re taking, that might take up most of your time. Of course, not procrastinating and prioritizing will be key.

The two keys to success in college are balancing and planning. There is so much to do in college between social events, school events, tests and papers and they all can’t be done. The rule I lived by was plan your month, schedule your week, and prioritize your day. – via My College Success Story

May 6th will be the final day of classes, with the following week being reserved for final exams. We’re at the end of the finish line and it’s time to pace yourself. We’re almost there, but it’s not yet time to celebrate. If you get the job done in this final week, chances are your celebrations will be a lot more joyous once it’s finally over.