On Air Now!

Hey guys! I’m blogging live from the WPNR Radio Station inside Strebel Student Center. Part of my job at WPNR is making promos, which play during everyone’s shows to let listeners know about events going on around campus. However, my favorite part of my job is the show I have every Tuesday with my friends Karita and MaryEllen. While I love going to work every day at the station, I always look forward most to the two hours I get to spend playing music and chatting about upcoming UC events, celebrity gossip, and topics regarding student life. Our show, 3BL, has even gained some loyal listeners around campus and is going to be featured during WPNR’s College Radio Day this Friday, Oct. 3!

Multitasking- DJing and Blogging!
Multitasking- DJing and Blogging!

Working at the radio is something I just started this semester. I stumbled upon this job when I was a guest on WPNR during the Summer Orientation program in July. I realized I loved being behind-the-scenes in the station and applied right then and there to be on production staff in the fall. While I never would have thought my path at UC would have taken me to becoming a radio DJ, I am so thrilled with the unexpected opportunity and am truly enjoying every moment.

I definitely recommend that you take advantage to everything UC has to offer, even if it might not be something you think you’d be good at! The other staff at WPNR are so nice and funny, and have really helped me to learn the ropes at the station. I am so grateful to work in such a fun environment with such great people! There are so many different ways you can get involved on campus, and it’s definitely worth it to attend meetings, go to events, and explore new things. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there – you never know what you may end up loving!

As for me, I am about to go back on air, so feel free to tune in to 90.7 WPNR now! Have a great week, everyone!