Need A Physics Teacher? I Got The Perfect One For You!

This blog is not about a teacher that gave me a good grade or a teacher I considered me being a teachers pet too. This is a teacher who takes his profession seriously and doesn’t care about excuses. This is also a teacher who cares very deeply about his students and wants to give them every opportunity to succeed and thrive in all of his courses.


I first had Professor Ribaudo first semester of my junior year. I was in his PHY 151 lab section. Now everyone hears rumors about teachers and there are certainly bad rumors and good but trust me this is a teacher that dispels all of the bad rumors. I will be the first to tell you his classes are difficult, as is any physics course in my opinion. What does do is tell you the first day that you will not pass this class if you just show up to class and take notes. Mr Ribaudo does not jerk your chain he tells you straight up what he expects and he expects you to for-fill those wishes. Now I have him for lecture currently this semester and let me tell you I was blown away with his teaching style.

The first day of class we obviously went over the syllabus. What he had in his syllabus was something that I have never seen, an option to have homework graded or not. This flabbergasted me because here is a professor that is actually thinking about how the students learn?! He explained it that we could not have the home work graded which could take the weekly pressure off of our shoulders, but it would add a percentage onto our test. Or we could have our graded homework and have our test count for less potentially giving us a higher grade. This one one of the many things he did to adjust his teaching style to his students. The graded homework said you get one try for each answer and for anyone who has taken a physics class sometimes learning it takes trail and error. Well the concerns of the class didn’t like that and stated there opinions to him. Well being a truly caring professor he changed his grading policy. He gave us three tries but also made it worth a big chunk of the question each time wrong so you still had to get the right answer but if you got it wrong the first time you could still get partial credit instead of a zero.

He has taken full class periods to stress of how important is it to truly understand the concepts. Math is math that is not hard. “to pass this class you must understand the concepts then apply the mathematics” Mr. Ribaudo said one day in class.

This professor truly cares about his students if you show hard work and willingness this teacher will get you to achieve your dream grade. That’s only if you show want if not your left out to the dogs because lets be honest its not high school anymore. If I were to rate this professor I would give him 5 out of 5 stars. I don’t have a A or probably even a B in his class but even with a C kid like me he puts forth all his effort to make sure his students are the most prepared they possibly could be for finals. Hes the only teach I know of that begs kids to come to office hours so he could get a bigger room to study with his students. Truly a great man and wonderful professor.