My Top 13 Tracks of 2013

2013 was a great year for music. Here are songs that I danced, raved, procrastinated, studied, and stayed up way past my bedtime to. This list is ranked in no particular order.


This song makes the list purely for its effect on hip hop.  Kendrick elegantly proclaims his importance,

“I’m important like the pope, I’m a muslim on pork. I’m makaveli’s offspring, I’m the king of New York.”

And with that rap was never the same. Many will see his verse as an attack, rather than the call to arms that it really was. It was a rally cry, an attempt to wake up rap from its drug-induced coma, to spur on his rivals to reach greater heights. It also showcases Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical ability and skill.


If you enjoy this song, chances are you’ll love the album which is full of other super chill gems. This song in particular was my anthem of chill. Whether that was mellowing out while studying or hanging out with my friends, this track carries nothing but good vibes.


Need your dose of audio adrenalin? Look no further. Whether looking to you amp yourself up during a workout, or up the energy during your pregame this song is perfect.  Excuse me while I dance and jump around for a little bit.


On the note of amping yourself up, this track will stop short of inducing homicidal mania. And Jeb Corliss is one bad dude.


If you listened to that last one, step away and cool down for a moment so you can enjoy this wonderful track by someone whose name I have no idea how to say.  For best results, listen to in a room with your friends with the lights off. And no, I won’t explain those oddly specific instructions, but trust me and make like a nike commercial and just do it.


Childish Gambino or Donald Glover, is a multi-talented entertainer. This is just one of the many bangers off his recent album, Because the Internet. It’s extremely well put together and has a little bit of everything on it.


No list would be complete without Drake. His album was one of the huge success stories of 2013, and could be heard blaring out of cars, emanating from every set of Dre Beats, it was everywhere. That catchy hook and the universal nature of his lyrics cemented his spot on this list.


Chance the Rapper embodies conscious rap, self-reflection and psychedelic mushrooms all colliding and producing something wonderful. This album was the playlist of my summer.


I don’t think I’ve ever listened to this song earlier than 3 A.M. This was the anthem to my all-nighters and played throughout some spectacular late night moments. Perfect tune for night owls.


Type in harlem shake into youtube, and you’ll have to scroll down to find the original song sans any ridiculous shenanigans. This song was huge and spawned an entirely new genre of viral videos.

Here’s a collection of some of the better ones:


Robin Thicke, Pharrel and T.I. with the most playful, misogynistic tune and video of the year.


Those visuals, that hook, that beat, that twerk (Or lack of). Miley successfully breaks her carefully curated disney princess image with a wrecking ball by declaring that its her house, and these are her rules.


I can’t listen to this song without getting vivid and colorful flashbacks of Electric Zoo 2013. I’ve been raging to this song ever since.