My Favorite Class at Utica College

I have had many enjoyable classes at Utica College between my Health Studies classes (that I got all A’s in) and my English classes (English is one of my favorite subjects!). However, my favorite class was probably one of the more difficult courses I have taken and did not come easy to me.

My favorite class so far has been Gross Anatomy. I took Gross Anatomy last semester and I can tell you right now that it did not become my favorite, or even close to a favorite class until the end of the semester. It started out pretty rough for me between the constant memorization and getting used to the cadavers in lab. I have never been the type of person who can just memorize things right away and it made lecture very frustrating for me. I was also very uncomfortable in lab when we first got started because of the smell and the dissections of the cadavers.

As you can imagine, I did not do very well in the beginning of the semester! Then, after the second test that I was not very proud of, I figured I needed to make a change. I went to Professor Adam Pack, my awesome teacher for the class and he helped me tremendously! I also started meeting with the Teacher’s Assistants personally to help me with lecture and I started meeting with my lab partners for EVERY open lab I could go to. I even went to lab by myself when there was not anyone else there so I could study! ┬áBefore the third test, everyone in the class was asking me for study-method help and I even corrected a Teacher’s Assistant in what the Great Saphenous Vein was! I felt so confident and it definitely showed on the rest of my exams. I even got an A- on my cumulative lab exam!

When I started getting high grades in the class, I did start to feel better about the course and it was no longer a class of torture for me, but it still was not in my favorites list. It became my favorite class when I was finished with the course (even before I knew what my final grade would be) because I was using the information. I was completing my shadow hours for Occupational Therapy and my mentors would always tell me what physical impairments that patients had and I knew what they were talking about! It was like an epiphany! It finally clicked that all the days of hard studying actually paid off! I was able to remember everything from lab and I was able to put the information from lecture into it as well. During the course, you learn the anatomy of the body and the functions in sections, so when it was finally all put together in a real life situation, it made the hard work worth it! When everything clicked and was put into a real life perspective, Gross Anatomy became my favorite class.