MVRCR: What is it?

One of my Occupational Therapy classes is called “Community” and it is to teach us about social interaction with people and having proper communication skills. For the class, we go to the classroom every other week and every week we go to the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees. The Center is a school for refugees who need to learn English and there are different levels or “grades” the center has for the students. I was placed in the Level 2 learning where students are learning basic English: reading, writing and speaking such as “what is your name, where are you from”. I was really nervous my first day at the center because I have never been in a situation like that before and I have never been around a lot of diversity (besides at Utica College). When I went in my first day, my nervousness vanished because I was amazed by the bravery the students had, in order to travel so far from home! The students were from all over the world and from small countries I have never even heard of before! It was also really neat to see the clothing that some students wore because they wore their traditional attire. I introduced myself and it was such an eye opener to speak with the students and learn a bit more about them. They were also very welcoming for me to come to their classroom to assist them and in the process they have also taught me a lot. I feel that my favorite part of the experience was to watch them during their “break time” because even though they spoke different languages and come from all over the world, they were all interacting with one another and making friendships. I am very excited about this experience that the UC OT program is giving me and I know it will help me with communication in the future as an OT. Here is the link to the website for more information!