Mr. Uc

Hey guys, sorry for being so late with this post and writing in general. My laptop is currently getting fixed, but anyways this past Friday the ladies of W.I.N.D. (Women In A New Direction) ended their week long celebration with their annual Mr. Uc competition. Five gentlemen went head to head and competed through different categories for the title. I’ll give you a little recap in case you weren’t able to attend.

The show began at 6 o’clock and upon entrance guests were offered the chance to buy a ticket for their 50/50 raffle. Basically if you get the winning ticket you also get half of the earnings made at the event. The auditorium was packed and anxious for the show to get started. The hosts as well as the judges were members of the organization.

The event started with the introductions of each contestant. Each one participated in the following categories.. formal wear, casual wear, swim wear, pink wear (obviously since pink is wind’s color), as well as a talent portion, followed by a few questions asked by the hosts. ┬áIn between all of these exciting categories Open Moments, another organization on campus also performed during intermission showcasing their poems and raps.

At the end of the night the time came for the winner to be announced, for the first time ever a Freshman took home the title of Mr. Uc! He was also the only freshman competing. Mr. Uc is also a fellow blogger! Stop by on Jayson’s blog to congratulate him and don’t miss out on Mrs. Uc coming on April 17th! Until next time guys.