Move out Day, ARE YOU READY?

blogging web      Move out day is May 15th are you ready? Is all your things packed? Do you have a storage space ready? How are you getting home? Did you study for finals? All these things come to play all at once, it can get overwhelming. Dealing with finals and moving out is hard. For me its a little more hectic because I have to deal with finals, moving out, organizations events, internships and work all at once but when you find a balance it will all work out for the best. Staying motivated and healthy is what is going to get you thorough this rough time. Make sure you eat health and when up late studying replace junk food with health snacks. Like carrots, sandwiches, crackers and cheeses, cereal bars  and most importantly water to keep your body from crashing. If you are feeling stressed or maybe your just pissed off, there is always someone here to help. The counselling center is available and the gym closes at 11pm, take a break and go work out and release some stress I promise  that you  will feel a hundred percent better after you are done. Moving out is a better sweet time because at this point everyone is excited to finally be home and yet again it is stressful because we have final exams but as time goes by these things will become normal to us.