Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you may be asking yourself “what can I do for my mom to make her feel special?” I have a few ideas that may help you out 🙂

Okay, in my world, I think you should make your mom (or really, both of your parents) feel special every day, but hey, that’s just me. Anyway….


What can you do for your mom to let her know how much she means to you?

1) Give her something straight from the heart: I’m not talking about the generic coffee cups, flowers, perfume, jewelry, etc. Sure, those things are great, but seriously, put some time & thought into getting her something that shows true appreciation for everything she has done for you. After all, that woman has gone through a lot to give you a good life!

2) Dedicate something to her: Whether that is a song, or poem, whatever. My mom loves music & every year for her birthday and/or mother’s day, I typically put in a request and dedicate a song like this one below for her.


Mama’s Song – Carrie Underwood

It makes her happy, and that’s all that matters to me.

3) Spend time with her: I’m extremely blessed to not only have a good relationship with my mom, but I get to see her every day since I commute here; therefore, we spend a decent amount of quality time together. ( A lot of people don’t get it, but, that’s their problem) Anyway, for those that live on campus, the time you spend home is precious. It’s important to divide your time wisely between your friends and family, and give your mom the thing she’s been missing most: your love & attention.

Remember: our mom’s are our very first friends in life. They are the only ones that will always be here for us, supporting us, guiding us, and most importantly, loving us. So, do something nice for your mom; respect her. Show her that you truly care. No matter what anyone says, I am so thankful for mom, to be able to spend time with her, to ask her advice, and to go to her whenever I have a problem. She’s been my rock throughout my life, and chances are, your mom has been yours too.



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  1. Hey Allison,
    I love the idea of this topic for a blog. People generally think that you have to go all out for Mothers Day but in the end it is really the effort that matters.
    Keep up the good work!!

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