Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Week

Hey Everyone!

On top of it being the first week of classes, it was also a celebration week for Martin Luther King Jr. There was a community celebration in Streble Student Center the first day where students and faculty could put up inspirational messages onto a banner to build a sense of community. Utica College is such a diverse community for being as small as it is and we also have a great sense of community and family. One of the events I attended was the viewing of “King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery to Memphis” which is a 1970’s American documentary about Martin Luther King’s journey going through the time between the Montgomery bus boycotts through the time of his assassination. He felt strongly about equality and he advocated for his rights and the rights of others. The film was pretty cool because it showed the emotions, hardships and courage of everyone who followed in Dr. King’s footsteps. For class, we had to relate it to Occupational Therapy and I said that Dr. King was a great advocate and that as an OT it will be important for me to advocate for my clients. Below is the community banner!untitled

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