Live & Learn: Going Green

Over the past few years, I have become more cautious about the environment and the positive and negative impact we have on our world. So… what does it mean to go green?

According to Save the World, living a green lifestyle, or going green, can begin in small, easy to manage ways. Recycling is a huge, obvious part of helping to save the world through green living. Reducing one’s reliance on oil-based energy sources is another popular method employed in trying to save the world. Purchasing only all organic, chemical free products is another way that many people begin going green, and is considered a very effective method at trying to save the world and all of its resources. Green living is infiltrating all parts of daily life, and the planet is sure to be better for it.

I came across a blog post online which included several ways that students can go green on college campuses. Some of the tips that I believe Utica College Students can do include the following:

  • Take notes electronically: save money on paper and sticky notes as well
  • Adopt reusable bag practices
  • Nix bottled water: use a reusable water bottle throughout the day
  • Recycle properly (not everything goes into the same garbage bin)
  • Power down and unplug your electronics when you are not using them
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Do not liter: it will not kill you to wait until you get until the nearest garbage bin

My good friend MaryEllen Fitzgerald-Bord, a senior majoring in biology here at UC, has taught me the dos and don’ts about going green! Here are some helpful tips that she has recently shared with me…

“Take advantage of the shuttle service on campus or carpool with friends when going to Walmart. Trying running errands together once a week, as opposed to all going separately multiple times!”

“If you do use notebooks for class, don’t throw them out at the end of the semester. I always use the second half of the notebook for another class, just put a separator in between the different classes.”

“Only take what you can eat in the cafe. It’s super tempting to take a lot and only pick at it, but that’s uber wasteful.” Remember, you can always go back up for seconds!

“At the end of the semester, donate the things you don’t want or can’t transport home. Don’t throw things away!”

I hope that you reflect on your current habits and think about how you are taking care of our world and if there are things that you can do better. The smallest things can have an amazing impact!