Life Distractions. How to overcome them




Almost everyone that I know wants to be accepted. They want to accepted by their family, peers, professors and friends. Some people are willing to go the extreme for acceptance. Even when it means giving up their own identity to accept one that is forced upon them. The million dollar question is why. Why do we want to be accepted by others?Why cant we love our  self’s and appreciate our-self’s without confirmation from others? In my opinion as humans we are always going to feel unsure our self’s, we are designed in a way  in which we cannot always be  confident in our own skin and accept our self’s for what we are. However, we all have the ability to live  an emotionally healthy lifestyle. An emotionally healthy lifestyle means accepting yourself, loving yourself, knowing your worth, speaking life into yourself, and not allowing the words of other’s to burden you or make you feel less. Words are very powerful, and when we allow other people words to burden us we are giving them power over our lives. We cannot stop people from saying negative things to us but we can certainly zone them out and we can certainly speak life and positivity into our own life. When you wake up in the morning before you even start your day tell your self that TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY. When you are about to take an exam and you feel nervous and unsure tell yourself I AM MORE THAN CAPABLE OF PASSING AND I KNOW I WILL DO A GREAT JOB. Always think positive and speak positivity into your life because you have the control over your life, do not give anyone the power or the room to stop you from your divine purpose.


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