Keep Calm because I am Phoneless

Yesterday morning something horrible happened. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone in the toilet by accident when I went to use the bathroom. It has only been one day and it bothers me so much my phone is not working. As a matter fact it drives me crazy.

It amazes me how valuable a phone can be and how important it has become towards my daily life. It is like a daily activity you do and it is in fact a really bad habit. It has only been a day and every time i finish doing something. Either doing my hair, watching t.v, cleaning, or eating I look for my phone to entertain me and realize I do not have it anymore. It is horrible to notice that in this generation if you do not have a phone you will mostly be bored.

Putting all that aside its been hard for me to contact my family and it will be hard for me to meet up with my friends this week after classes with no sort of communication. Is not like we have payphones now a days in each corner to call someone like we use to in the earlier years. Phones are very useful and needy in that case because is a good way in which u can communicate with friends and family. As well as being able to do your homework in the palm of your hands with out a need of going to the library to use the internet.

Overall, I do not like the fact that this generation depends on phones a lot. Even though, I know myself depends a lot on it too. But I have realized it takes away a lot. Such as, outside communication and socialization with other peers face to face because you are already to used to your phone you have a bad habit of mostly communicating through social medias and texts. I know it will be hard but I will have to learn how to survive without a phone for a week, and Hopefully all my loved ones do not think I am ignoring them.