Just some cool things.

Today, I’d like to share some cool things from my week. I feel like we are friends, and you are therefore obligated to care. (Plus, I have a super cool post coming atcha tomorrow or Friday. No hints this time though :-))

Cool Thing #1
I had the opportunity to visit WRCU 90.1FM (Colgate’s college radio station) so we could trade hit clips and gossip share ideas and start collaborating on some things! This is one of the areas they archive CDs. Yes, one. Also, those shelves move. Mind = blown. (P.S. tell me someone remembers hit clips?!! I am old.)

Cool Thing #2 IMAG1737
UC offices seriously have the best PR. Who doesn’t need (read: want) a squishy moose figurine?? Exactly.

Cool Thing #3
The car knows that it’s WPNR!!!! (Top left corner) I got really excited when I saw this.

Cool Thing #4
Photo courtesy of Mike McDougall’s Twitter.
I had the opportunity to attend the PRSA Northeast District Conference this past Thursday! It was a wonderful experience, as always. The keynotes were fabulous, and the speakers at each session were unique and informing. I had a great time!
Plus, they named the conference in conjunction with having lots of food-related speakers…
…which is obviously 3000 percent A-OK with me.

Cool Thing #5
Photo courtesy of CBS News.
The FDA is finally trying to remove trans fats from food!! This is ridiculously cool. My inner label-reading, health-nut, trans-fat hating self was delighted by this. My childhood would have been really empty without gushers (one of the trans-fat offenders), so it’s a little sad. But not really.

And finally…
Cool Thing #6
WPNR’s 2013 t-shirts are still probably the coolest things I’ve ever seen and therefore must be included.

Your turn…
Tell me some cool things about your week!!!