So Glad I Joined the Herd

As the number of days left in my undergrad career slowly declines, I like reflect on it.¬† One of my favorite things about Utica College is it’s size. A.) I don’t have to walk 3 miles to class or take a shuttle and B.) it’s easy to get to know other students, we really are a tight knit community.

I really do believe UC was the school for me, I couldn’t have succeed the way I have at a large school. I have been involved in so many different organizations which have led me to traveling the country (RHA, Student Senate, Alpha Phi Omega to name a few), been provided with so many opportunities including meeting Senator Kirsten Gillibrand¬† as well as Utica Mayor, Robert Pallmeri and made some true friends.

I’ve spoken in previous blogs about that friends I have made and how they feel like family to me and I cannot stress it enough.My life has been turned upside down over the last four years but this school and my friends have kept me grounded.

The sun was like shinning down on my life, after having dinner with a few friends we took a brief walk around campus and enjoyed the beautiful day.

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