Is it too late now to say…um, I have homework?!

I’m sure it’s probably pretty easy to assume that many of us college students procrastinate. You’d think that by the time I reached the Spring semester of my Junior year that I would have that figured out by now. I mean, I do use a planner and I am extremely organized with my school work, I just can never seem to get ahead of my work because I always wait until the last minute – BAD IDEA, I KNOW.

The cliché, “I always do my best work while under pressure” used to be my motto for so long that it’s honestly kind of ridiculous. It’s not true, but was easier to say than, “well, that assignment was terrible.” That’s probably why it’s so important to not procrastinate, Tyler!

Procrastinating frequently causes more stress on a college student than what they already have. So why do I continue to do it to myself? I’m not totally sure. When the clock reads 11:25 pm and I’m furiously typing an assignment that’s due a midnight, I rack my mind to find out WHY!

        So is it too late to say I have homework at 11:25pm? Probably!

So, I’m currently learning how to avoid this constant rut that I have been stuck in for most of my college career, and here are some tips that have worked for me so far:

  1. Be mindful that there’s always more to be done than what you have already completed. You’ll be further ahead that way.
  2. Tune out distracting items. If you find yourself constantly distracted by your phone/tablet/computer, leave it in another room while you’re doing homework.
  3. Hold yourself accountable. If you fail to complete something when you want it to be done, eliminate one of your favorite activities that day until the task gets completed.
  4. Break the task down into smaller tasks so you are less likely to become stressed and overwhelmed.

Thus far, these few things have worked for me. I have changed the way in which I write my tasks in planner. For instance, if I have a paper due next week, I will frequently begin the paper on a Sunday and break up the page limit into a do-able amount each day. It’s prolonged, but easier that way! And by simply changing these few things, I am starting to see more work completed ahead of time and less procrastinating. In turn, I get to bed earlier and find myself to be much happier in the mornings!