How to survive a bad day.

Bad days are a part of life; everyone has them, and everyone has them for different reasons. Feeling like crap for a little while is okay, but dragging out the negativity is never a good idea. Here are some tips to not let bad vibes ruin your day or even your entire week.

(Elaine, and Karita. Two of my friends who I know I can talk to about anything.)

1.) Talk To Someone. It is never a good idea to keep things bottled in. Even if your problems are small, find someone willing to listen. Whether it be a friend, parent, or even a counselor; there is always someone here for you. I personally always feel better after a good venting session, then I can put it behind me. In the words of the ever-fabulous Idina Menzel, “Let it go.”

(Coffee is my go-to on a bad day. …or any day.)

2.) Indulge A Little Bit. Whenever I’m grumpy or feeling upset I buy a coffee and it helps to make me feel better. Whether it be allowing yourself some ice cream after dinner, or eating a slice of pizza, sometimes it is nice to have a moderate indulgence. Allowing yourself something you like can help turn a bad day around. Be careful to not go too far though! While you should never feel guilty for eating something, don’t use a bad day as an excuse to excessively eat.

(One of my favorite things to do is spend all day at a museum. I could wander around for hours, and it always manages to make me feel better.)

3.) Do Something You Love (But normally wouldn’t have time for).  Find your passion. Whether it be crafting, playing guitar, or binge watching your favorite tv show; always find time for the things you love, especially on bad days. My favorite thing to do when I’m feeling down is to watch an episode of my favorite show; it cheers me right up…or down depending on the nature of the show. (Grey’s Anatomy can be a total sob fest sometimes.) I also sing when I’m stressed. What you do doesn’t have to always be the same. All that matters is that you’re doing something that makes you happy.

(My friend Mary and I exercised a bad day into a good one by playing basketball.)

4.) Exercise it away. Everyone always tells you to exercise, and I get it. Exercise seems like the end-all-be-all fix to every situation. However, this one I firmly believe in. Elle Woods in Legally Blonde states, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” I completely agree. I have become an avid “yogi” as of late, and realized that my yoga class always manages to cheer me up. Just be sure to find something you love doing. It doesn’t have to be running or lifting weights, you could go for a walk with a friend; just get moving.


(Me kicking a bad day's butt.)
(Me kicking a bad day’s butt.)

5.) Lastly, remember that bad days shouldn’t turn into bad weeks. It’s okay to feel gross for a bit, in fact, it is completely normal. Take the time to cry, or vent, or stew but then move on. Letting a bad day ruin your entire week is just not worth it. I like to say, “I don’t have bad days, simply bad hours.” There is always something to cheer you up, no matter how small, the trick is in finding it. And if that doesn’t work, just remember, “The Sun’ll come out tomorrow.”