How to Have a Safe Halloween

Halloween is a time of fun and in a good community, things will generally be fine. However, it always pays to take precautions on a cold, dark night when people are running around streets where there are also cars, potholes and ghouls in the backyards.

1. Start safety considerations with the costume:
– Wear highly visible costumes. Bright colors, reflective parts or tape are key elements to ensure that you can be easily seen at night. If you have on a dark costume, add reflective tape, tags or buttons.

– Make sure that you do not wear anything that obscures the vision. Masks are best left for the party back at home. Or, make sure masks have very large eye holes for you to see through clearly.

2. Consider candy capers:
– Stories of poisoned candies and treats abound. Although most accounts of poisoned candy/concealed needles have been proven false, it is always better to be safe than sorry to avoid any villainous urban legend copycat. Be vigilant and keep be safe.

3. Consider health safety:
– Finally, last but not least, consider your health. Teeth, immune systems, body weight and general health are all impacted by too much sugar. Treats should be fun but should not be overdone. Keep a healthy diet.