How To Avoid Procrastination


With spring break around the corner, it’s tough to focus on school work. To make matters worse, we’re virtually in the middle of the semester and midterm exams are coming up very soon.

College students typically have trouble with procrastination, and now that spring break is on our sights, it can become easy to procrastinate. While you might be able to get away with it occasionally, it’s difficult to get away with procrastination during an important time in the semester. Since midterms are coming up, it’s even more important to avoid procrastination.

Here’s why:

Realize the inevitable

If you’re someone wants to excel, you’re eventually going to do the work required for you to do well, whether that means pushing back to a later time or knocking it out when it makes most sense. We’ve all been there. It’s easy to put the notebook down and go back to doing whatever else you want to do, especially if you’re studying for a course you’re not particularly fond of.

But the sooner you realize you’ll eventually have to do the work, the quicker you’ll do it. Now, that doesn’t mean you should just rush through your work for the sake of getting it done, but it does mean that you should prioritize.

To have a good chance of conquering procrastination, you need to spot straight away that you’re doing it. Then, you need to identify why you’re doing it and takeĀ appropriate steps to overcome the block.

tip via Mind Tools

If you have a break in-between classes, it might be best to finish some of your studying/work then, so you could do more enjoyable things later on. Basically, if you manage your time correctly, studying or doing homework will not become a burden. Instead, you could use the extra time to finish your work and avoid cramming in the last minute.

Looking over your notes every day, even if it’s just for a little while, helps a lot as well.

As difficult as it might seem, it’s not that difficult to avoid procrastination. If you prioritize your time and use it wisely, procrastination will be a thing of the past.