How I Spent My Weekend

When Friday night came, I was so happy. Even though I spent my time studying in the library for my bio exam that I had on Monday, this past weekend for me was filled with lots of exciting events and ideas.


Saturday night, I went to a show hosted in the auditorium by a group called A.I.M. The auditorium was really packed, but luckily for my friends and I, we were able to sit in the front. The show lasted about two hours, and various performances were given, such as spiritual dancing, rapping, singing, fraternities dancing, the step team, and the choir, who sang beautifully. My favorite one was the step team. Compared to last year’s performance, they had improved so much and they had a lot of more people in their group. I just loved their performance. It was very unique and surprising to the audience.


Apart from the A.I.M. event, it was one of my friend’s birthday weekend. It was very exciting. We decided as a group to plan a surprise party for her, and we all put in money. We decided to get her favorite flavored cake, which is cookies and cream, and her favorite color of balloons, which is green. I was actually in charge of blowing up all the balloons, and that headache I got afterwards was so horrible, but it went away. She was so happy, and we were all so happy that she was happy.



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