How Disney Characters Can Inspire You

Now that spring break is officially over, we are entering what I think is the BUSIEST time of the semester. The weeks literally fly by, and there is so much to do! Some of us may have midterms to take, research papers to tackle, and projects to start. Just thinking about it is exhausting, right?!

Well, if you’re anything like me, you know how challenging it can be to find motivation to get things started! You look for inspiration. Then, once you find it, you are DETERMINED to let nothing distract you…..until, something inevitably does. So, how do you stay motivated? How do you possibly stay focused on that study guide that you made for that test? How do you get started on research for that long paper?

Well… for me, believe it or not, Disney – yes, I said Disney – characters have a way of keeping me motivated! I know, it may sound strange, but read on.

As a child, I grew up with a passion and love for Disney and that has continued today. **Come on now – who doesn’t love Disney???**

I’ve seen pretty much every Disney movie, and after watching them, I’ve found little tricks and tips from a few of my favorite Disney characters that have kept me motivated and focused (or have inspired my attitude…especially when it comes to big projects!). If you’re a Disney fan too, they might help you out 🙂 Here are some things to remember when tackling the those tedious assignments for the rest of the semester!

1) Be Tough…Like Gus. 


Ahh….the famous mouse from Cinderella. Gus is tough as nails and is ready to kick some butt! Be the same way when it comes to assignments. Say to yourself, I WILL do great on this assignment! I WILL study so I can ace my test and be proud of myself. I WILL conquer the challenges of my class so I never have to take it again. I know, easier said than done….but, when all else fails, picture this little mouse. I guarantee he’ll make you smile 🙂

2) Procrastination = Trouble


Now, I’m not saying that if you procrastinate, a band of thugs will come and hound you like they did Aladdin. But, as Aladdin got into trouble, so will you if you procrastinate. If you have a research paper, chances are you know about it at the beginning of the semester. Don’t wait until the week before to start doing your research, and whatever you do, DO NOT wait until the night before it’s due to type it. Really, this applies to anything…tests, projects, etc. Motivate yourself to do your best work, and that certainly doesn’t come from procrastinating.

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Learn


Don’t you want to know what the people know? (<— movie reference) Ariel wasn’t afraid to learn, so why should you be? Ask questions, get some answers. Study. Remember: The more you know, the more you can do. Try to motivate yourself, and know that by studying and focusing, you will be able to answer questions correctly, ace exams, and just be more well-rounded. Knowledge is power, my friends. (and, good grades does good for the ego too ;))

4) Go the Distance


Hercules went the distance. Can you? Find your confidence. Having a positive attitude towards assignments and tests can really make a world of difference. If you approach anything with a negative attitude, the results are usually the same. Believe in yourself and know that no test, quiz, paper, etc. will stop you from doing your best. If that doesn’t work, listen to this song. It’s definitely empowering.

5) Hakuna Matata

Hakuna matata

Timon and Pumba say it best, right? Hakuna Matata. And in case you’ve been living under a rock, this wonderful phrase from The Lion King means “no worries.” Ok, this is not to say be careless. It’s your life; remember that your actions DO have consequences, but don’t stress. Stress is undoubtedly the worst motivator. Actually, it doesn’t motivate you at all. All stress does is make you nervous, cloud your mind or make things bigger than they really are. Save yourself the hassle of that mess! Take on the no worries attitude. Motivate yourself by thinking that no assignment, grade, test, or paper, will bring you down. You can handle it.