How Animals Can Help, Heal and De-Stress You

When thinking of ways to de-stress and unwind, what usually comes to mind is doing yoga, meditating, going out with friends, and so forth. But, have you ever thought about spending  time with some furry friends?

Research shows that people who have animals and love animals tend to be happier and less stressed in their lives. As an animal owner myself, I can definitely see why!


It is no secret to anyone that I love animals. They make me happy in so many ways and I could not imagine a life without them! So far, I’ve had 3 beautiful, little fur blessings that I thank God for every day. They fill my days with so much sunshine!

Here’s exactly how animals can reduce your stress and improve your health!

1) Pets Are Mood Lifters!

Have a bad day? Go cuddle with your pet. Some of my best memories are spent with my pets. It’s so amazing how intuitive they are. Whenever I’m sad or upset, my dog does the sweetest thing: he comes over to me, puts his paw on my lap & starts licking my face. It really is too adorable and lifts my spirits instantly!

2) Pets Remind Us to Live in the Present

What do I mean? Well, take dogs for example. They don’t live in the future or past with fear and regret. They take each moment as it comes & revel in it! Of course, it’s hard for us humans to do, but trying to stay grounded & focused on the here & now helps reduce our anxiety and stresses, which obviously improves our health!

3) Pets Can Get You Fit!

What better exercise is there than to play with your pet? I know my dog constantly keeps me active! One of his favorite activities is to play ball. He plays fetch so well & is relentless once he gets going! Pets (well, mainly pups) love to go for walks, & that is definitely not a bad thing! It keeps them in shape & us in shape!

4) Pets Give Unconditional Love

…And therefore, the fend off loneliness. It sounds ridiculous, but sometimes, pets are so much better company than people. For one, no matter what you do, or what your mood is, they will ALWAYS love you. Secondly, they will never EVER judge you, or turn their backs on you. They are the best little companions. Bonus!

5) Pets Make You Appreciate The Little Things 

Think about it, pets never take anything for granted. They totally depend on you to love them, take care of them, etc., all the while soaking up every ounce of life they possibly can. They (figuratively & literally) stop to smell the roses. I think that’s something we can all learn from, especially with our busy schedules.

Moral of the story: Stressed? Upset? Anxious? Go spend some time with your fur babies. And if you don’t have any, there’s nothing like a good trip to your local animal shelter….volunteer, give your time, allow yourselves to feel what they feel. I guarantee they will make your heart smile!


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