We are halfway there, the semester is half complete!


Luckily there’s time for you to kick it up a notch. If you have been slacking you have time to make improvement. If you have been doing good, you must keep it up. That “A” can turn into a “C” easily, just like your “C” can become an “A” with hard-work. Always remember it’s not too late to finish strong. After spring break make your fresh start to putting your all into this semester. Meet with your professors, talk to your advisor about courses your concerned about, request a tutor. There’s still time for a comeback!

End strong! Midterms might have been a little tough , but remember that’s one test not your overall grade. Check out your syllabus and see what all dictates your final grade (participation, homework, quizzes and so on). If your unsure ask your professor for an estimate of where you stand in the class, see if he/she offers extra credit. Your professors are here to help you. They can’t help you if you don’t reach out.

You have all the necessities to do great, you just have to access them and use them all to your advantage. Let’s KNOCK this semester OUT! WE GOT THIS!!!!! (: