Greek life this weekend

This month has been filled with so many events. One of many just happened this past Friday, although UC is a smaller college compared to others Greek life is still present on campus. So, If any of you missed out on Lambda Sigma Upsilon’s probate this weekend, keep reading I’ll update you on the occasion.

For those of you who have never heard about or know what a probate is you’re not alone. I didn’t realize what this was either until my friend asked me to tag along with her. Essentially it’s a coming out ceremony for those who are completing the pledging process. Many students flooded the area to get a good look at the event, other Greek organizations come out as well to support.

The event took place at the Greek circle here on campus in front of Hubbard building. Crowded with a group of on lookers and supporters the probate began at 11pm. In this case, only one person completed the pledging process for the Fraternity. The whole ceremony took about around an hour to complete. In that time the then pledge greeted his fraternity as well as the other fraternities and sororities on campus who were present at the event. Towards the end of the process the fraternity surprised the pledge with having his mother come out from the crowd, unaware that his mother was present it was a very touching moment.

This was the first probate I have ever attended and i enjoyed every minute of the ceremony.  Hopefully this has motivated you to come out to a future probate and get a little taste of the Greek life on campus. Hope you enjoyed reading and until next time guys.