Go out your comfort zone, you might be surprised!

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On Wednesday April 23rd, RHA and FYV set up ¬†a chill night in South lounge. The invitation was sent out for all students and flyers were posted up in Resident Halls. As the President of FYV village I was a little nervous for the out come because students usually don’t participate in things that don’t involve partying, drinking, or dancing. Along with my team we set up a night where students could come and enjoy food,listen to music, and play just dance on the Wii. In total we had over 30 people in attendance not including RHA or FYV member’s. People started coming at 7:15pm when the event was set to start at 7:30pm. People started pouring in and they weren’t just coming for the food. I was pleased to say that the night was filled with excitement and everyone stayed until the end. People were interacting with each other and having a good time, I mean students were coming out of their comfort zones and enjoying other students company without the influence of their normal everyday friends. See when you come out of you comfort zone it can be life changing, sometimes we get so accustom to our everyday friends that we don’t try to befriend other ¬†students on campus. Just because your everyday friends are not interested in something it does not mean that you should not go or participate in it. Be your self and everything else will fall in place.

Love always L.