Friends for Life

Every year at Convocation when President Hutton says, “You’re sitting next to your friends for life,” I know exactly who he is talking about. Generally, I am not sitting next to them because we are all working, but my heart warms because at one point or another I did sit next to them for that speech. I’ve gotten to know many people in my 3 years here but there are a small handful of people that I know no matter what I will be friends with for the rest of my life.

Justine GordonIMG_3035

Some of us live together…



We’ve gone to homecoming together…..




We’ve go bowling together….



We even actively participate in the same orgs…





We even work orientation together…







Cameron, Justine, Elaine, Laura and MaryEllen are all amazing individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last three years. Justine has been my roommate since our second semester here and the rest I met through on-campus organizations we share like Alpha Phi Omega and our past as orientation mentors.

Originally I was going to tell in detail how I met each of them, but I realized this blog post would be entirely too long if I did. I realize that while I may have known some longer than others, time holds no weight in the power of our friendship. Each of them hold a very close place in my heart and they have made my college experience so memorable. From being there when I got my first tattoo, to my first sleepover, to the never ending telling of “Dad jokes” to cheer me up on a bad day, to our endless supply of surprise birthday parties for each other, they all mean the world to me. We are all so different and the one thing that brings us together is Utica College. If none of us had made the decision to come here, our paths wouldn’t have crossed. I can’t wait to be a part of their weddings or be the “Cool Aunt” to their kids. I am able to call almost all of them my brother because of the organization we are in together but they’re also my sisters (obviously not Cameron).

As I previous stated, I’m not saying these will be the only people I keep in contact with from college but I know that no matter where life takes us, the bonds we’ve made can never be broken. Go out and get involved, meet your own Cameron or Elaine. Make these connections of your own.



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