Freshman Me vs. Senior Me

As April flies by, and graduation approaches, I have found myself often thinking about how much I have grown over the last four years. My time at Utica College was everything I could have dreamed of and more, and I definitely had no idea the ride I was in for when I stepped on campus for the first time several years ago! There are definitely some big differences between who I am today and who I was when I started at UC. Let us reflect on some of those changes:

  • FRESHMAN ME: Woke up an hour ahead of class so that I could fix my hair, pick out a cute outfit, and apply makeup. Even at 8:30 AM classes, I was picture-ready.
  • SENIOR ME: I work out regularly, so I no longer find it worth my time to do my hair since I know I’ll be sweating in it and then washing it again later in the day. I try to wear jeans most days so that I know whatever shirt I wear will probably match it. Please no photos, you may break your camera. I am in class to learn and I swear my brain works more efficiently when I am comfortable.


  • FRESHMAN ME: Afraid to go anywhere alone, including but not limited to the gym, the caf, or any event on campus.
  • SENIOR ME: No longer intimidated by the athletes at the gym, as I think they are aware of the dynamic between us (I stay away from the 50 lb weights and they are polite while I struggle through my workouts that are kindergarten versions of their daily routines). And now, I don’t mind going to events alone, because that means it’s an opportunity to make friends while I’m there!


  • FRESHMAN ME: As a commuter, I felt like I didn’t know my way around campus well at all. Even though it’s a very small campus, I often felt lost and would go straight home after classes instead of sticking around to go to events or hang out in the lounges.
  • SENIOR ME: Becoming a residential student really changed my perspective of the school. As I became more involved on campus, it just made sense to transition to becoming a resident, as I was practically living here anyway with the amount of time I spent here! I know this campus like the back of my hand (not including last week when I discovered a new freckle on the back of my hand).


  • FRESHMAN ME: Struggled with my newfound independence. I had classes, a part-time job, social events, family and friends, and extracurriculars on my plate. Juggling everything was definitely a challenge!
  • SENIOR ME: I have learned a very important term throughout my four years: BALANCE. It’s still a challenge some days, but I am much better at handling life now. Both stress and time management are skills that every college student should master!


  • FRESHMAN ME: ALWAYS made class a priority, emailed professors whenever I would have to miss class, attended office hours, studied hard, raised my hand in class often, and finished papers early so I would have plenty of time to do revisions.
  • SENIOR ME: Still the same! Maybe I don’t finish my papers quite as early as I did freshman year, but I still make academics my top priority. After all, I’m here because I genuinely want to learn as much as I can! Being driven throughout my college career has helped me be successful and paved my path to attending grad school next year. It is well worth it to always do your best!