Finishing The Spring Semester

It’s Sunday afternoon and we’re officially less than a day away from the conclusion of Spring Break. While the thought of going back to school is somber to some, I have some good news: The end of the Spring Semester is almost here.

Here’s a look at the remaining calender for the current semester, via

calenderThere’s slightly over a month left of school.

So, what does that mean?

You’re likely finishing up your mid-terms. Once your mid-terms are complete, you’ll turn your attention to finals, which are right around the corner.

It might seem like the semester is already over, especially since we’re currently on break, but there’s still quite a long time to go. Of course, studying for exams and doing all of your other work will help accelerate the time.

Here’s a tip from US News:

Final exams often make up a sizable portion of your grade, sometimes equal to two or three other tests taken throughout the semester. Make sure you understand how your score on a final exam or project will affect your grade, and what you need to earn in order to achieve the grade you want.

Now is certainly not the time to get lazy and take your work lightly. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Instead of scrambling during the closing moments, finish out the semester strong. Trust me, you’ll enjoy summer break a lot more if you end the Spring semester on a positive note.


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