Finals and internships are finally over and have come to an end. I hope everyone has put there all into studying and have tried their best to receive good grades  not only on their finals, but for the semester. As for me I did the best I could reviewing all I needed to review for my synthesis final, but it was hard trying to study being that it was all based off of concepts and  not memory. It was a 3 hour long exam that took the full three hours and then some. After I took the exam my brain was fried, but I was ready to just go on my fieldwork. On my fieldwork experience I did everything that was asked of me and then some. I was always seeking out opportunity to learn in different areas of OT as well as other disciplines that you see in the medical field like PT, Social work and speech-language pathologist etc. This was a tough semester, but I got through it and am ready to go on christmas break and enjoy my time off. I hope everyone did there professor opinionnaires, hope all get good grades and happy holidays everyone.

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