Favorite Professors

Although my academic experience at Utica College Isn’t as long as upperclassmen I have met some amazing professors. All of the professors that I’ve had so far have been more than willing to help their students and have an exceptional way of teaching their students. There are two that have stood out to me the most in these past two semesters.

  • My first semester here at UC I took psych 101 with Dr. Kreiger. My original major was health studies, that is until i took this class. This class is what peeked my interest into the field and motivated me to change my major. Many thought he was a tough professor, I never understood that. Unlike other professors Kreiger gave students one free pass to hand in an assignment. He only had about three assignments throughout the whole semester so this was more than fair. He even took the names of the students who came to class the day before thanksgiving break and exempt them from the next assignment. Before we had an exam he always announced to the class what specific topics from each chapter would be covered. His style of teaching is another reason i enjoyed the class. Instead of making sure we understood the exact definition of a theory he always incorporated examples from his own life. As nerdy as it sounds i could probably go on forever about this class, he’s extremely fair and makes an amazing effort for students to understand the course material.
  • The second professor I’m actually currently taking this semester. Professor Richardson is my English 102 teacher. I was referred to take her by my heop counselor. I’m glad I was, from the first day of class I could tell just how many other students loved her as a professor as well. There had been a handful of students in my class who had her the previous semester for English 101 and joined her this semester. My class is actually pretty small, about 15 students. She does an amazing job at having conversation with every student as a whole class. Her lessons have to be my favorite. She involves very modern and recent trends into assignments to make them interesting. For example as an intro to our psycho-geographic unit she had us read several articles on parkour (which is pretty cool btw check it out!). The class in general is made very interesting by the professors personality and her teaching style.

Both professors made class very interesting by both their effort to make the class material relate to the students as well as their own personal touches to the class. I’m hoping too have more classes with both in the semesters to come as well as meeting more great professors. Until next time guys, hope you enjoyed!

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