Stepping away from what’s going on at Utica college campus, I would like to comment on a recent article that was published in Utica College’s Tangerine newspaper. A writer was discussing the Michael Brown situation and exercising his right to freedom of speech. We must have some type of filter when we voice our opinion. I say this because we comment on certain situations and voice our opinion as if we were a witness of the Michael Brown murder.

I am voicing my concern because the writer spoke as if Michael Brown’s life didn’t matter to someone like it mattered to his parents, whether he committed a crime before he was killed or not. A police officer must use precaution and think clearly if his life is on the line when arresting someone or confronting them.

The point is, the write that wrote his piece in the Tangerine made it clear that it did not matter whether the police officer had a right to shoot Michael Brown, and he didn’t. African American’s and other individuals of different nationalities believe that the police are not there protecting them anymore; they are just protecting themselves.

But I raise the question why do people to choose to shoot first? Why not use a tazer? Do people now feel safe because of this? I wish I could go on more about this because there is so much to discuss. But, we cannot comment on a crime we did not witness. We can only comment on the statements that we hear. I say to the writer whose name I will not disclose, be aware that you were not at the scene of the crime at all, and you do not have the right to justify the killing of another human.