Did you say “Nap Time?”

When we were younger and someone told us that it was “nap time,” we weren’t having it. If someone were to say that now, we would be the first one to volunteer. I wasn’t big on napping until I came to college but after my first semester here, I realized napping was a necessity.

Do you ever wake up from a nap feeling groggy or cranky? I know I do sometimes! That may be because you are taking too short or too long of a nap. Here are five different types of naps that may help you avoid feeling that way:

The Power Nap (10-20 minutes): Best for getting straight back to work.

The NASA Nap (26 minutes): proven by scientists to improve pilot performance by 34% and alertness by 54%.

The Bad Nap (30 minutes): Causes sleep inertia, also known as a sleep hangover, for up to 30 minutes before restorative benefits kick in. Best to avoid, if possible.

The Slow-Wave Sleep Nap (60 minutes): Helps cognitive memory processing, remembering places, faces, and facts. Best before a big presentation or important meeting.

The Full Sleep Cycle Nap (90 minutes): Helps creativity, emotional memory, and procedural memory. Best before an impending project deadline or big test


Here are some other valuable tips about napping:

IDEAL NAP TIME: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

IDEAL NAP LIGHT: Dim to dark to stimulate melatonin.


IDEAL NAP POSITION: Slightly upright to avoid deep sleep


Make sure you are giving some time to yourself every day, whether it be a nap or just a few minutes to recoup!

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