Club Spotlight: UCEMS

I’m a proud member of several diverse and interesting organizations. From the Gay-Straight Alliance, to the Biology Club, to the Residence Hall Association…one of my favoite things about Utica College is the sheer number of organizations that are available for students to join and become a part of.

One of the newer organizations on campus is the Utica College EMS (Emergency Medical Services). The organization is open to anyone interested in helping out with emergency assistance and care on campus. However, students that are trained as EMTs and have recieved their state certification are given the position of Captain, and are the main respondants from the organization to any on-campus situations. If you aren’t EMT certified, never fear! They do offer first aid certification training for their “assistant responders.”

The organization is certified through the state and campus safety, and now they are fully allowed to respond to emergency medical situations on campus. Plus, the coolest part about the org is the hard work all of the members put in to actually bring the idea of an on-campus, student-run, emergency medical service to life.

One of the integral founding members is Anthony Scalise, a sophomore Biology major. He now holds a captain position within the organization and I was given the opporunity to sit down and chat with him about his endevaor to create the Utica College EMS.

Anthony was very enthusiastic with how awesome reception has been to the new organization. It is great that students that are trained to respond to incidences will have the opportunity to use those skills. However, he did stress that “if people have a medical emergency, call campus safety and they will notify us. “*

We chatted about a few of their events and he mentioned how they were on for the heart run and their presence was seen by all as they responded to events. Plus, they will be in charge of all medical calls for the 2nd annual upcoming Relay For Life! Not only with the organization be on call for the event, but they also will be walking in the event. Currently they are number two for all clubs on campus as they have raised over $800 for the charitable cause!

Congratulations to Anthony and the entire Utica College Emergency Medical Services on a sucessful inagural year as an organization!

*To be clear, campus safety still responds to all on-campus incedences first. UCEMS is a supplemental service avilable to the Utica College community.

EMS members Ann, Megan, and Anthony