Cinderella Made It to the Ball

Time to cross the first thing off my semester bucket list!!

  1. ATTEND CRYSTAL BALL (finally)

In the years that I have been going to Utica College I had never gone it to Crystal Ball.  My freshman year I did actually attend, but I was there for all of 10 minutes before my friend discovered he was sick and we all left to bring him back to campus.  Sophomore year I was in France for the spring semester so obviously I couldn’t attend.  Each year I always heard about how great Crystal Ball was and how much fun everyone had so I was determined to actually go while I still have to friends here to go with.  And it definitely did not disappoint!

My fellow bloggers Elaine, Karita and I waiting for the shuttles in our snow boots.

Crystal Ball is one of the events held annually here at Utica College and it is a much anticipated event.  The Residence Hall Association puts it on every year and they do a great job.  It’s an off campus event, this year it was at Twin Ponds, and is a chance for everyone to dress up and have a good time while getting a change of scenery.  Plus there are free shuttles to and from so no one has to worry about transportation.

All dressed up at Twin Ponds.

There was a DJ playing music, and a buffet with great food and my friends and I spent the night dancing and making use of the awesome photo booth (which is always fun).  The theme this year was “An Evening in Paris” so RHA gave everyone Eiffel Tower keychains as a souvenir.



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  1. Omg, Lil Marco this is so cute!!! Also these photos describe how much fun I have. At the start of the night I looked great… as time dwindled down I look like a mess.

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