Chef’s Fare!

On many campuses across the United States you can find students complaining about the food in their dinning hall. But to be completely honest, it really is what you make of it and if you are eating the same stuff everyday for 4 years after a while it just won’t taste as good.

On Tuesday, February 10 Sodexo at Utica College did exactly what was needed to spice things up! A competition took place between three schools, Utica College (Team India), SUNY Polytechnic Institute (Team Switzerland) and Mohawk Valley Community College(Team Mexico).


The competition may have been among schools but UC students had the opportunity to win a prize of their own. Each student entered into the drawing to win a Keuring, while I was not the winner I was still excited for who ever one.

The fare opened my eyes to dishes from all over the world that I probably wouldn’t have the chance to try.

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While all of the teams were sooooo good! I had to say my favorite was Team Mexico!


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