Careers vs. Jobs: Use Your Degree to Fuel Your Passion

Let’s face it: at 17 or 18 years-old, fresh out of high school….who honestly knows what they want to do for the rest of their lives? Sure, there are those lucky few who know right from small that they are destined to be a doctor or lawyer or teacher. But, for the majority of people, the choices are confusing and, at times, overwhelming!

When the time comes to pick a college or choose a major, you’ll always hear things like, “What do you plan on doing with your degree?” or, “You better choose a degree that will make you money!” Stop right there. Get those thoughts out of your mind. While of course it is so important to be able to be financially secure, it is also important to be happy too.


After all, it is your life. Don’t settle for anything less than what makes you happy. Now, I know this is easier said than done. Some of us have passions that unfortunately can’t transfer over into degrees. Me? As I said many times, my number one passion in life is animals. I love them, I respect them, and I want more than anything to help them and work with them every day. In fact, my goal is to open my own rescue/foster shelter someday….much like Spring Farm CARES.

But, like I said, entering college, there was no major for working with animals. So, I had to stay content with volunteering and try to find something else that I could use to fuel my passion. That’s how public relations started for me. I realized that, although my days couldn’t be spent in the company of my furry friends, I can use this degree toward spreading awareness about shelter events, adoptions, etc….and that makes me happy.


So, this post is basically for anyone who feels stuck, or feels like they just can’t find their place. Here’s a few tips that I did, that worked for me, and may work for you too 🙂

1. Think. Think about what your passion is and build around it. If your passion can be made into a career or used as a degree, GREAT. Do it. If not, focus on how you can make your current situation better. Focus on what you can do to use a degree toward your love. Think on it. Pray about it. Act on it.

2. Ask advice. It’s not wrong to ask for help. It’s hard making a big decision by yourself without any guidance. Don’t be embarrassed. Talk to your parents (trust me….they know more than you think) or talk to a close friend, relative, adviser…..anyone who you trust and that you know has your best interest at heart. Be cautious though. Too many opinions can lead to more confusion. Stick with one or two people.

3. Don’t listen to everyone. OK, I know that contradicts everything I said in #2. But wait. While it’s great to get advice from someone (actually it is needed) you have to remember that, ultimately, the choice of what you want to do, is still yours. If you get a pull in your heart that you know feels right….DO IT. Follow it. Don’t let others dictate your happiness.

4. Don’t stress. Plenty of people go through the same thing every day. Plenty of students change their major at least once. Just because you feel a little lost, overwhelmed or confused doesn’t mean you won’t figure things out. Trust me. Don’t let the money, the degree evaluation, and the estimated graduation date make you nervous. That will all take care of itself in due time 🙂


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  1. What great advice Allison! I switched my major three times in two years…so I can relate. Hope you are liking PR!


  2. Allie …. as Dad and I watched you struggle to find your “place” in this world and what you wanted to accomplish with your life, we could not be more proud of you and your choice of major. Your smile and contentment with this Public Relations curriculum and your “blogging” has brought such satisfaction to you. Keep up the good work!!! And… you are fueling your passion!!! Love You!!

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