Bundle up !

Of course, its cold…Its winter!

Don’t get caught up with the winter blues, do us all a favor and BUNDLE UP!!

Once one person gets sick it spreads extremely fast.You must try to catch it quick before it catches you! The moment I feel a cold coming along I make sure to take Emergen-C. It comes in a powder form which you add to water. The powder is a boost of vitamin C to help your immune system fight the cold. Getting sick is the worst, especially now that you don’t have mom, dad or someone there to care for you. There are many precautions that can be taken to avoid getting sick. Students and faculty were delivered an email last week Tuesday from the Director of Campus Safety, Wayne Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan gave helpful hints for students and staff to beat the weather. He stated for those that will be going out in the cold to limit exposure of the outside environment to no longer than 15 minutes and also make sure you wear hats, scarfs, gloves, etc and be sure to layer. These tips were extremely helpful to face the cold weather.


Layering is something that may seem tedious but it makes a huge difference. If you’re going out in the cold please remember to throw on an extra pair of leggings ladies and fellas don’t forget your thermal. Hats and scarfs should be worn. These can prevent possible chest colds. Remember to continue to take vitamins and push fluids. Prepare to fight those yucky winter colds before they freeze you out. Use your resources the health center takes appointments as well as accepts walk ins. Walk ins can be seen at 8am until 11am Monday through Friday. Lastly, if you happened to get sick don’t hesitate to notify your professors. They don’t want to catch your cold nor do your classmates. You never want to fall behind so keep that communication open with your professors. Stay warm and well!



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