Benefits of Studying Abroad

At some point, every college student thinks about studying abroad.

Whether it’s experiencing life in a different country and culture or simply wanting to get out of the blistering cold for a semester, studying abroad could become a legitimate option for some Utica College students.

If you haven’t heard already, UC his hosting a Study Abroad Fair this Thursday. Here’s more information via email:

The International Education Office will be hosting a Study Abroad Fair on
THURSDAY, JANUARY 29th from 11:00-2:30 outside the cafeteria in Strebel Student
Center.  Stop by to learn about the extraordinary opportunities available to
earn college credit using the world as your classroom.

See the World. Change your Perspective. Control your Future.

If you have questions please contact the International Education office at (315)

But, you may ask, besides visiting a new country, what are the benefits of studying abroad?

First off, studying abroad could help you develop not only as a person, but as a potential employee. Throughout our college careers, professors and advisers will continue to harp on the importance of building up your resume.

Well, having the study abroad program listed on your resume could be a tremendous advantage.

Employers want to see that you’re a willing learner and curious about other cultures. Perhaps showing that you have more life experience could separate you from others that are seeking the same career.


Students from the United States are often intimidated by the concept of studying abroad, but if you’re an upperclassman, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to increase your experiences.